Sunday, January 30, 2011

Demolition of the computer room

It is a small room that houses the computer armoire and matching bookcases.  I use it for the computer, sewing room/craft room.  Right now it is piled with boxes, a filing cabinet and new insulation.  While the windows were installed a couple of years ago we never thought this room would be taken down to the studs, low and behold we are now doing it thanks to a huge draft that has been coming thru this room for years.  To our surprise we found when taking down the drywall one of the outside walls was actually missing insulation under one of the windows and the rest of the insulation that was on the wall literally fell apart in our hands upon removal.  While we're at it we are updating the wiring and putting in a ceiling fan into this room for a little more circulation during the summer.  I am so looking forward to this renovation.

Locating where wires were disappearing to in a oh so not direct route was interesting to follow the path.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A pop of color

For some reason I love this abstract art. I found it at Ollie's. It add just that right pop of color for the half bathroom downstairs.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Half bathroom remodel

The half bathroom renovation is probably our favorite renovation to date. It is the one that we spent a lot of time figuring out all the electrical issues that needed to be addressed. I am not a fan of windowsills so we opted to just frame out the window. I love how it turned out.

The light was the choice of hubby since the overhead light (not pictured) was going to remain.

As for the vanity, well..... that was a major discussion. I have no photos of what we started with and believe you me it wasn't updated since the early 1970's. In fact what was in there was built in place at the time. It was a vanity that looked like there was much storage but there really wasn't. When it came time to decide on what to put in, we first went with a pedestal sink, kinda a mistake. Thinking that the bathroom was too small for anything else we soon realized we had no place for towels, toiletries, etc. The idea of the dresser/vanity sink has always been a dream of mine. So we went for it. This little beauty was found on craigslist. The sink was purchased on off from craigstlist. The faucet I found on I absolutely love it all. While I realize that the dresser isn't exactly what someone would want in there it was rather inexpensively compared to buying a new vanity piece for $500+. The storage that we acquired is more than adequate.

Monday, January 3, 2011


When we moved the big thing we wanted was enough space. A basement would be ideal. In the south or the beginning of the south around here basements are unheard of. We were "lucky" we thought to find one. The first couple of years while renovating it was great. Excited to have a basement to lounge in play pool in and just relax. Then came the BIG STORM! With the big storm came us huddled in the basement waitingfor it to be over when all of a sudden the basement started FLOODING! Oh yeah that's right. We scrambled to save anything we could. Made the dogs, daughter relocate to the main floor in the hallway for the remainder of the hurricane coming thru. Category 1 was enough but not enough to make us leave.

This was the side of the basement that the previous owners had a pool table, we decided it would be the TV movie room:

Then there was the other side that went to the back yard. We decided to turn it into the pool table playing area. That was fine until the storm. After that and all the mess we decided that we would make it a shelter for the dogs and their kennels for now. We're still in the process of returning it back into some sort of play space but for now the dogs enjoy that room.