Monday, February 13, 2012

A decision!

It is with great sadness that we helped our 2nd oldest dog over the bridge today.  She was not quite 12 years old, shy by 2 months.   Over the past couple of days her health and ability to get around turned into a case of not being able to even realize where she was or who she was around.  She was frightened all the time and crying all the time.  It was too painful not to help her end her pain.  My husband is awesome, he came home early and picked her up, took her to the vet where the vet then went over her and agreed that there was something horribly wrong neurologically.  He couldn't see putting her thru multiple tests and waiting for them to return either.  She was suffering so much.  We have the BEST vet ever!  He is patient, kind, loving and so very comforting.

We will miss you Penny!  Run and be pain free!

Friday, January 27, 2012

New project!

While everyone seems to be either coming down with something here or just getting over it, the hubby has decided that now is the time to start a project.  Before I knew it he had taken apart a cabinet and was proceeding to get it wrapped up to put in storage.   The next thing I know we are at Home Depot because they were running a 20% on cabinets.  After debating layout and which ones to get we now have 5 cabinets in the basement waiting for installation. :)  Next backsplash tile and paint color for the walls.  To say that this is a small project is an understatement.  This "ahem" little project has turned into a total room makeover.  The paint color is yet up in the air but I think we have it narrowed down to a deep blue, yes that's right blue!  You can find it thru our house as it is my favorite color.  This will be the media room and hubs doesn't want a light color on the wall.  Draperies picked out!  Rods picked out!  Now we are down to what the countertop will be with this little renovation.  We've been wanting to do this since we moved in here and finally we have decided to do it.  It is our biggest living space in the house, we use it for TV viewing, Wii, movies and general play.  There is a little area that had a bookcase in it that was begging to be made into a snack area for movie viewing!  I can't wait.  Let the popcorn start popping, well..... not yet at least!

The countertop might end up being 12x12 marble tiles:

 The paint color contender, we do have another one that is a bit deeper blue that we are considering.

The cabinets!  I love them American Classics from Home Depot!
 The backsplash tile!  It has the same color blue as above, with a light gray and a deeper smokey gray and a marble with a lighter blue/gray.  At $4.97 a tile at Home Depot these were a nice find.