Thursday, October 20, 2011

Christmas is coming!

Before I know it Christmas will be here, so I've already gotten a jump on the holiday with some shopping.  A couple of people are already taken care of thanks to gifting my mother a dishwasher while we were visiting her in NY and my mother in law received a refrigerator.  Those are definitely gifts that will continue to keep giving for the years to come so I'm thrilled we were able to do that for them.  Now onto the rest of the gang and a couple of friends that are more like family now, I can't wait to get started on sewing some projects up.

What about  the rest of you?  Any big projects, crafts that you're anticipating doing for this holiday season?  I would love to hear.


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  3. Thanks so much for the great comment on my blog today ... encouragement for my very short 12 year old. She has a great personality, and doesn't seem to let it get her down, but I wanted to take positive steps now rather than finding her really depressed about it a few years down the road.



  4. I've collected a bunch of amazing ideas that I *want* to start, but of course haven't yet :)