Friday, August 12, 2011

Back from NY!

We spent 5 days in Western NY visiting family/friends.  A day of travel up and a day of travel back home turns into 7 days away from home.

Oy!  The cost of kenneling 4 dogs is just outrageous.  We put them in the kennel in order to travel to DC to spend the day with my mother/sister and her two boys.  The total of dogs for 9 days of kenneling, and one to be updated on shots was over $700!  YIKES!  For that much money I could have been in a really nice hotel while in NY for 5 days.

enjoying the cool water in DC during the 100 temp days!

Returning home means unpacking the car where bags are mounted waiting for someone to put them away. Hmmmm wonder who that will be....

Dan leaves again for DC next week, we're no sooner home and he's off again making it hard to finish projects around here but progress will continue.

Fall semester starts for Bri soon, she will be taking 3 courses and adjusting her work schedule to accommodate for that.

Other news:  right after we returned home we learned that a gal that I went to school with (I was sandwiched in between her sister one grade below me and her one grade above me) was in a motorcycle accident.  This morning I awoke to a message from one of bestie classmate to tell me she had passed away last night.  Her family is in my thoughts and prayers!

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