Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Living room

The old fireplace. We replaced this pretty much after our first fire and noticed that there was smoke coming into the family room behind it. When the mason came to do the work we discovered that whoever did the masonry the first time had it attached to nothing. A simple tug and it all came down, there was scorch marks on all the mantle wood on the underside and the wall. What a huge surprise that there was never a fire in this house.

We built the mantle and surround after finding that our fireplace was an odd size to begin with. No going back after the masons were completed with the work so we worked around that.

We decided to put in a bookcase where there was once a window to the outside, covered up by the family room addition of 1975. The window was still there and you can see it in the following picture with the train on the paneling. The big picture window is so nice to have but that poor metal awning is about to bite the dust. I love the awning but it is rather loud when it rains and the water is hitting it. So that might just have to come down this summer.

Updated photo to come.......

Yes that hideous rug is gone, the heater register is no longer "green" to stick out like a sore thumb. :)

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  1. You have great taste, Teri. The fireplace turned out fabulously! And I'm glad the house didn't burn down with the old fireplace. Wow.