Thursday, December 30, 2010

Compu carve

So hubby has had this compu carve for a little while now. He's done some signs for family members. pics of those to follow He made this box for our darling granddaughter, mind you this was a practice test piece of scrap wood. He needs some stress management therapy lately, it looks like this is where he will be doing it playing with his compu carve and working some more projects. This toy box has since been painted white. I'm looking forward to the projects that he will be making. A couple of years ago he made these boxes we put little wheels on to put under the tree with our names on them. He has to make one for the wee one and then we'll be ready for next Christmas.

This one was for my sister. The comment her boys made were precious when we gave it to her: they told her "mommy our house isn't white it is yellow". Too funny!

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