Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We have color on the walls

That's right we're moving right along with the computer/sewing room.  Happily I say that as we have color on the walls, baseboards are all in (even though they still need to be finished up with caulking the nail holes, etc.) and the doorways are almost complete with new trim.

I've learned that with miter cuts not to sweat the small stuff like the pros say on HGTV.  Watching Scott McGilvray who filled in a pretty good size gap in his molding that came out beautifully.  Before I would fuss and fuss until it was absolutely looking good, now not so much! LOL

We hung a shelf and a picture last night, yes the shelf is level however my skills at holding the camera level apparently aren't. :)

I just love this picture from the local art show that is held every year.  I have three prints from there and hope to one day get them all hung up in the house.

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