Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I've been busy sewing!!!!

Disclaimer:  The pics aren't great due to the construction going on in the computer room and using photobooth....

This weekend the big 3rd birthday party!  So I've been sewing like a mad woman.

I forgot just how much I enjoy sewing, the instant gratification cause that's the kind of girl I am. :)

The first item was this pennant banner that I made to hang outside on one of the tents.

Then I moved onto making a pillowcase dress: (not a great shot of it but you get the idea)

Up  next was this sweet little dress:  I wish I had a better shot of it but the computer room as you can see is in the midst of a major reno....

While I was in the mood and going to take a trip shortly to NY to visit family/friends.  I decided to make this cape for a cute little guy who loves to play dress up:

Then I moved onto making a teepee aka tent is what the 3 year old calls it so that is what it is: teepee/tent

In the midst of all this I tried my hand at making a hair bow:

YES I've been busy.

I have one more outfit I'm making and just found a pattern for reversible grocery bags that I'm going to take a stab at.  Can't wait!


  1. You are so CREATIVE Teri!!!!! Love all of it!!!!

  2. Thanks Summer! My #1 favorite thing to sew is costumes. I use to sew all of Bri's costumes for Halloween right up until she was a teenager around 13 I think I stopped. I'll have to dig thru some pictures to find them but we did a mermaid, a wizard(female style LOL), a hippy, a fireman, those are just a few.....