Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New find

I found this adorable chair and ottoman listed on craigslist.  I was excited to get it home and see what it is need of.  Definitely it needs a little help in the springs dept. and the cushions need a little boost, upholstery is a given but this chair is rock solid.  The bones it awesome on this piece and the ottoman.  I'm thrilled.  The little one in the house has claimed this as her own.  It is just the right size, Izzy size!  She climbs into it and all over it without a care in the world so for right now it will stay as it is until we come to a group decision on fabric.  Any thoughts?


  1. I think a nubby chenille is always a comfortable, easily cleanable fabric that hides stains well! It's classy and chic yet homey and comforting.

    And, Teri, oh Lordy it's been hard for my mom and I today. We keep calling each other bawling. It's so hard because as pet owners WE know what's going to happen- they don't realize it's their last meal, last treat, last walk, last car ride. I mean, Humphrey got out of the car at the vet, went into the bushes to potty, and walked right into the office. It's like he got excited thinking he was going somewhere special, even though he had just been stumbling into walls and furniture all morning. :( It made it that much harder for my mom because you have those brief thoughts, "Am I making the right choice?" But, you just KNOW. You can see the sparkle gone from their eyes.... And we owe it to them to take them out of their suffering. But, man it's crappy.


  2. Great find! I've been keeping my eyes open for something I can reupholster...I never get this lucky! lol Looking forward to seeing the transformation. :)

    Have a great week!

  3. Great find I found your blog on someones page I am a follower I would love it if you would stop by and visit me and follow if you so desire.I will be back!

  4. No suggestions other than I hope your talent for DIY rubs off on my somehow!