Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What color should it be?

I'm breaking this out of the basement and putting it to good use again. There is a little person in our house that would benefit greatly by having this come out of storage and put to good use.

The question is, what color should I repaint it. Right now it is a bright yellow. The fabric on the seat needs to be changed out as well, so outdated and worn.

This is sorta what it looks like! (found this image on the web) I will have to take a picture of the one I have but this is the closest I could find. Two steps that pull out to get easily up on the stool.

My kitchen is a light green color almost like a pale misty green with a fruit motif in the dining room and an eggplant color on the walls. Yes I know lots of color going on there. :) After all those years in apartments and military housing I vowed that the house would be full of color. :)

I like the idea of putting possibly vinyl on the seat portion and the backrest.


  1. With a pale misty green kitchen I would go with timeless white, or Jade-ite Green. Play off the green in the kitchen and have a statement piece.

  2. I was thinking white or cream as looking in this photo, will have to check out the fabric stores for their vinyl for something simple and understated that I can clean quickly and easily. I like that idea. Thanks for the suggestion! Come back any time.