Thursday, December 30, 2010

Front door Hallway

When you entered our home for the first time you would step back into time, literally. The shocking green on the walls to the horrible paneling that we later found out covered up holes where the kids had knocked thru fighting with one another was something really to behold. What really took the cake was the fake brick linoleum at the doorway that covered wood floors. Due to them being covered up trapping moisture there was a lot of damage, so we opted to put in ceramic tile. The tile wasn't the worst of it the carpeting that went from the front hallway thru the living room was something really to behold. The radiator was painted a dark brown which only helped in making the front door area really look like a nasty dark spot you didn't want to linger in.

We, after several attempts with color, have decided that the way to go in there is to lighten it up completely. The walls are a creamy white, the ceiling we went with an embossed fabric wallpaper (don't even go there again, my husband tells me!), the radiator has been scraped and repainted a bright white, the ceramic tiles are in various Mardi Gras shades from Home Depot as well as the lights from Home Depot, I just love them. The doors were changed out twice, once from the hollowcore plain doors that they had to sliding doors (but when a little miss entered the picture I decided that sliding doors and pinched fingers would not go hand in hand so well) to finally these doors I found on craigslist that someone had special ordered and oops wrong size. So when they oopsed we were so happy, the cost of these were cheaper than buying the builders grade from Lowes/Home Depot. These special order doors are SOLID! We found another door at Lowes that we special ordered to match for the door to the basement. Antique brass fixtures and the hallway is done as far as I'm concerned. We did bring down the mirror from the bathroom upstairs and had that framed in an antique style lookframe right after we bought the house and we have loved it in the hallway, it reflects the light and opens it up.

My my screen the photo colors aren't coming out as bright as they are in person.


  1. I can't believe the difference here. Wow! I love your tile. I laid some of that same tile in all our entryways, and our powder room.

  2. Oh my gosh!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! We did a complete bathroom renovation ourselves (we used that Allure vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood that Home Depot sells, and we LOVE it as well as their vanity, granite counter top, paint, fixtures, etc. I love Home Depot too!!). But, we paid someone to do all the tile in my office & playroom because we don't have the skills. :( I hate paying people to do work since I like being in charge!!!

    I am so impressed with your attention to detail and how well it turned out! I haven't seen your blog before, but I will keep checking back!!! :)

    Happy New Year!
    Kari :)

    P.S. I want to move to Roanoke- I love VA! :)

  3. Thanks for the comment. I like your tile and the entry way looks much improved!! Good job!

  4. What a difference! I love what you've done with this space.